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We created FastBitcoins with a simple goal; to make Bitcoin accessible to anyone who wants to use it.
Our platform makes buying Bitcoin easy, safe, and fast. Low rates ensure you never pay more than you should, while our range of payment methods gives you plenty of ways to pay.

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We can deliver your Bitcoin within minutes of signing up, via our complete support of the Bitcoin Lightning Network

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For the inexperienced, buying Bitcoin can seem complex and technologically-demanding. We designed FastBitcoins with simplicity in mind so that you can buy Bitcoin without any confusion or distractions.

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Like any service that handles payment information, privacy and security are a high priority for us. FastBitcoins uses the most robust security and privacy safeguards available. You can buy from us with confidence.

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As long as you have a bank account or credit/debit card within a supported country, you can easily buy Bitcoin from us.

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Not comfortable buying Bitcoin with your credit card? Not a problem! We accept prepaid vouchers that are available at more than 20,000 stores worldwide.

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FastBitcoins integrates with many of the most popular Bitcoin wallets, allowing for a seamless experience and easy storage of your Bitcoin.

Payment methods

FastBitcoins supports several payment methods; you are free to choose the one that best suits you.


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Create a Bitcoin savings plan
(Dollar Cost Averaging)

With the ongoing global economic turbulence, many people are looking for an alternative to conventional savings instruments. Uncertainty makes savers and investors hesitant to entrust their assets to banks and other institutions like they usually do. As a result, a growing number of people are turning to Bitcoin to hold their savings.

Once you have Bitcoin in your wallet, they're yours forever; they are all but impossible to steal, and you don't have to worry about the security or survival of another institution.

FastBitcoins makes creating a Bitcoin savings plan as simple and flexible as possible. You can use our auto-buy feature to purchase Bitcoin at a predefined frequency of your choice automatically.

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Want to learn more about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin offers numerous benefits to its users. But there are a lot of misconceptions about Bitcoin and how it works. These misconceptions muddy the waters for newcomers to the sense and make it difficult to learn how everything works if you don't have any existing knowledge.

Buying Bitcoins is simple, especially with platforms like FastBitcoins. But the technical barrier is not as difficult to overcome as the knowledge barrier. Once you have bought your first Bitcoins through us, you'll realise how much easier they are to use than they are often made out to be. But convincing yourself to take that all-important first step can be difficult if you have any doubts or uncertainty in your mind.

We have created a range of learning resources with the aim of solving these problems. Our goal is to provide prospective customers with simple and unbiased lessons in the key concepts that Bitcoin users need to know about.

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Trusted by 1000s of users worldwide was a smooth and easy experience to buy my first Bitcoin. I deposited funds, did the exchange and withdrew to my own wallet. The exchange rate provided was excellent and there was no withdrawal fees which I appreciated. Harry, Australia
We used to allocate some spare cash from our business into Bitcoin. The account setup was straightforward, the exchange rate was very competitive and it was nice to deal with a Bitcoin-only company as there is less chance we make a mistake and the site focuses on security. Matthew, Australia
I’ve been regularly buying Bitcoin with since I set up my account in 2020. Their customer support is based in the Europe and has helped me with queries as I learn more about Bitcoin. I’m planning to keep building my Bitcoin balance with every month. Tim, Spain

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