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Simple, no-risk, easy set-up Bitcoin services that allow you to earn generous commissions and put your business on the map.

Bitcoin demand is growing. An economy is being built around the digital currency. As people now look past the fear-mongering headlines, many are starting to see its value.

If you compare the lifespan of Bitcoin to regular money, it is still early days. But huge progress is being made to make it accessible and usable in the real world.

That is where we come in. Merchants can use FastBitcoins’ point-of-sale technology to sell bitcoin and generate a sustainable income. It is zero-risk, offers generous commissions, and is really easy to set-up and use. And, on top of that, we help you build a loyal customer base with ongoing marketing and sales support.

Sell Bitcoin

Provide access to FastBitcoins services with our small, easy to use POS devices. No knowledge of Bitcoin is required.

Offering cash collections

Allow FastBitcoins users to collect cash from your retail location.

Accept Bitcoin payments

Accept Bitcoin payments through our POS device. Receive 100% of the value!

The big reasons to partner with us:

  • Let customers buy and spend bitcoin on everyday items with ease
  • Make generous commissions from our range of attractive, non-intrusive, Bitcoin offerings
  • Accept digital payments in Bitcoin with zero processing fees (unlike Visa, Mastercard, etc..)
  • Drive footfall and customer stickiness as an early adopter of a unique proposition
  • Let customers buy and spend bitcoin on everyday items with ease. No experience required
  • Free marketing and launch support

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