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Hexa app is a simple, secure, non-custodial, bitcoin-only mobile wallet that is designed for everyone. Hexa is built in line with Bitcoin values: It is privacy-focused, does not require the user’s email or personal information, and there are no fancy native unicorn token. Its unique three layer architecture provides, high security, great features and a delightful user experience. The wallet teaches a newcomer to navigate the world of Bitcoin through its unique Test Account, and when the user is ready, they can purchase bitcoin from within the wallet from FastBitcoins.

Paired Applications

Are you sure?

Pairing your Hexa wallet with FastBitcoins will give the app complete access to your account including the ability to withdraw your Bitcoin directly to the wallet.

Complete Pairing

Use the button below to complete the pairing or scan the QR code from within the Hexa app to complete the pairing.

Open Hexa Wallet

Pairing Complete

You have successfully paired your account with Hexa wallet.